3D imaging

New Town Dentistry offers fast, accurate images with enhanced patient comfort. Dr. Wolfe has invested in Sirona 3D technology so that he can see more of your teeth and the surrounding structure as it relates to your dental anatomy. Traditional dental x-rays can be uncomfortable for you, the patient. In addition to offering the most accurate imaging, 3D panoramic technology provides a more relaxing patient experience.

3D scans allow Dr. Wolfe to provide better diagnosis and preparation for treatments. Our system provides:

  • Accurate placement of dental implants • Extraction planning for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Evaluation of the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals
  • Determining bone structure and tooth orientation

Advantages of 3D Dental Imaging vs. Traditional X-Rays

3D dental imaging (also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT) allows Dr. Wolfe to see more anatomy, and with more clarity than traditional film-based dental x-rays. The focused x-ray beam reduces scatter radiation, resulting in better image quality and a lower dose of radiation. With an enhanced visualization of your teeth, bones, and surrounding hard and soft tissue, your doctor will understand more about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

2D Dental Image

2D Dental Imaging

3D Dental image

3D Dental Imaging

CEREC Omnicam

We have the ability to interface CEREC OMNICAM
technology, interfaced with our 3D imaging software

How The Non-Invasive Panoramic 3D Imaging System Works

Panoramic 3D Imaging

A typical 3D panoramic scan of your entire head, neck, and jaw takes approximately 14 seconds to complete. You will be asked to stand (or in some instances, sit) and the dental professional will position you so that the area of interest is properly centered.

You will be asked to remain very still while the cone beam scanner revolves around your head. Most 3D dental imaging units have grasp handles to help you stay still comfortably, and a small stabilizing mouthpiece or chin rest bite block to stabilize or reduce your movement.