What is ‘Restorative Care’?

New Town Dentistry offers comprehensive dentistry using the latest procedures and technologies. Our restorative solutions include fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, root canal treatment, dentures and more. We take the time to go over the options with our patients, making sure that they understand the various treatments and technologies we offer for dental care.

Latest Technologies at Our Practice

What is “Comprehensive Dentistry”? 

During your first exam and regular visits with Dr. Wolfe, you will undergo a complete evaluation of not only your teeth but the gums, bone structure, and joint. Dr. Wolfe believes that this thorough and ‘comprehensive’ examination determines the condition of your teeth, from the appearance of the smile to the structural and biological functions surrounding your gums, jaw and bite, which can affect your overall health. At New Town Dentistry, we believe that regular dental examinations are the key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile year after year.

Healthy Smiles