Comprehensive care at new town dentistry

New Town Dentistry is Waxhaw’s family dentistry practice, offering comprehensive care to patients of all ages. At our modern and comfortable  Waxhaw office , we focus on making sure our patients are as comfortable as possible during dental treatments and procedures.


What do we mean by ‘Comprehensive Care’?

Dr. Wolfe evaluates his patients to check the health of not only the teeth, but the gums and structure of the bones of the jaw, as well as the joint that allows your jaw to function so that you can properly chew your food. Why is it so important to examine the entire mouth, offering ‘comprehensive care’? The comprehensive examination allows Dr. Wolfe to see both ongoing problems that can effect your smile, and potentially costly issues you might have down the road if you are experiencing gum or jaw problems, which can often be corrected early by having a patient improve or change their own oral hygiene habits.  If ongoing treatment is needed, Dr. Wolfe will discuss a plan of action for correcting dental or gum problems that is just right for you.

At New Town Dentistry, we encourage our patients to come in on a regular basis so that Dr. Wolfe can examine your teeth, gums and the structure of your bones, looking for issues such as periodontal disease, which affects not just your smile, but potentially your overall health if left untreated.

Looking for a GREAT dentist?

Dr. Wolfe and New Town Dentistry get awesome reviews from  patients in the Waxhaw area.